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Limerencia is an intense emotional state where a person feels obsessively attracted to and in love with another, experiencing a mix of euphoria, anxiety, and desire. This phenomenon goes beyond simple infatuation, involving an almost irrational idealization of the beloved and a fervent need for reciprocity. Limerencia captures the essence of romantic love in its most passionate and sometimes tumultuous form.

We loved this word so much that we decided to adopt it as our name. We believe that limerencia perfectly encapsulates the emotions and experiences we aim to reflect in our work. Every photograph and video we create is imbued with that limerencia that defines love in its purest and most passionate form. We capture moments that combine euphoria and anxiety, portraying not only joy but also the vulnerability and longing that make love so special.

Because, after all, what would love be without a little drama?

At Limerencia, love, like humor, is sharply acidic.